Horseback riding



Fans of horseback riding will be delighted in this region, as they can trot or gallop in a variety of terrains from the forest, along the vineyards, through swamps or along the coast.


Very close to Côté Océan and spanning across 7 acres  Le Centre Équestre de la SHA (Société Hippique Aunis La Rochelle-La Jarne).


Société Hippique L'Aunis

Rue de Saint-Mathurin
17220 La Jarne
tel : 05 46 44 32 34 





This club open year-around offers a variety of activiites for all levels of riders from novices to very experienced riders including camps, jumping (CSO) competitions, horse ball, and short day trips!

Many trips and activities are tailored to your level and age (available for children also). 

It could also simply be the opportunity to come and walk around the property to meet the 86 horses and ponies!

Be sure to check the schedule of activities on the website and book a few days prior through our offices.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday,  year-around (even during holidays)

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La SHA (Société Hippique de l’Aunis La Rochelle)

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