A ride on your bike



 In front of Côté Océan is a 200 meter bike lane to the ocean and to the boardwalk that extends 50 km between La Rochelle and Rocheport.  



  • Along the coast: Côté Océan to La Rochelle and Côté Océan to Rochefort

This bike ride is very flat and enjoyable by all levels and ages!  The ride can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your destination.

Riding along the coast from the port of La Rochelle, you can reach the beaches of Aytré and Châtelaillon and along the way, the tip of the marsh of Chay to Angoulins-sur-Mer is an ideal place for bird watching. Right after Châtelaillon beach is the picturesque port of Boucholeurs, well known for oyster harvesting, and is definitely worth a stop.

For the athletic types, the bike path continues to Rochefort where you can see the typical fishing cabains/huts of the Charentais region. These huts are built at the end of a wooden platform to reach the shallow waters. A square net is suspended that is lifted using a pulley system.



  • The Marais Poitevin by bike


With the many routes possible, It is easy to spend two full days discovering the Marais Poitevin and its beautiful scenery, canals and architectural heritage.

One possible loop extends about 70km of flat and well maintained trails. In order to not get lost in the maze of the canals, be sure to bring a map of the trails with you (available in all tourist offices in the region and also at the reception of Côté Océan).

Several interesting stops :

The port town of Arçais and then in the direction of Saint-George-de-Rex.

The village is situated among the canals, the planted poplar and wild marshes, woods and dotted with islands.

Then you can head towards Sainte-Sabine followed by the the village of La-Sevre.

Follow the canal in direction of Coulon passing through the Softerie. The trail is flat and relaxing (with very nice lighting). You can dine or have a drink in Coulon, which is the capital of the Marais. The village is particularly charming, with its port maraîchin, its market and mansions.

From Coulon, you can walk along the canals towards the south to reach the Garette where the river, Vieille Sèvre, widens. You can then cross the countryside to get to Vanneau Irleau. With its beautiful church, its shaded paths and wooden bridges, this village is a perfect lunch stop.

You can then continue the road to Sainte-Sabine before returning on the road to Arçais.


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