Côté Océan extérieur
Concrete actions are taken to make our residence a more responsible establishment.

Our commitments

Nos missions

Our missions

All of our employees are committed to quality and excellence, based on the satisfaction of our customers by embodying the values and missions of the Amanta Group.

The human relationship is at the heart of our concerns. We recognize the value that each person brings to the collective, both employees and clients, and make them actors of their own well-being. Our values give meaning to our actions and guide our daily work, allowing our employees to feel valued and to blossom in a long-term vision, and our clients to live unique and high quality experiences.

Côté Océan extérieur

Our actions for the environment

Respect for the environment has always been an important concern for us. Aware of the limits of our resources and the need to be actors in favor of sustainable development, we carry out specific actions to contribute to the proper management of energy, resources, waste, …

  • The installation of thermal panels for the production (electricity/hot water mainly for sanitary circuits and swimming pools, etc.).
  • We have charging stations for electric cars
  • We sort our waste within the residence and try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. We try to reduce our waste production as much as possible.
  • Our Bistro offers you local and seasonal products. We adapt to specific diets (vegetarian, flexitarian, gluten-free, allergies).
  • In order to preserve the environment and to save water and energy, our guests have the possibility not to change their sheets and towels daily.
  • Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and respect the health of our employees
Certification Trip Advisor

Recognition of Excellence 2019

We are pleased to announce that Côté Océan Boutique Resort has been awarded the “Recognition of Excellence” award with an average score of 9.9.Côté Océan would like to thank its customers for having contributed to this success. We hope to continue to satisfy you as much on the quality of our rooms as on our location and our services.

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