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Our commitments

Nos missions

Our missions

All of our employees are committed to delivering quality and excellence, based on the satisfaction of our customers by embodying the mission and values of the Amanta group.

The human relationship is at the heart of our concerns. We acknowledge the value that every single person can bring to the collective, both employees and customers. We believe in making each one an actor of its own well-being. Our values guide our actions and daily lives, allowing our employees to feel valued and to flourish on a long-term vision, and allowing our customers to live unique and high-quality experiences.

Côté Océan extérieur

Our environmental-friendly actions

Respect for the environment has always been an important concern for us. We remain aware of the limits of our resources, and the need of being actors in favor of sustainable development. This is why we carry out specific actions in order to manage accordingly energy, resources, waste, etc.

● We favor the installation of thermal panels for the production of electricity/hot water intended mainly for sanitary circuits and swimming pools, etc.
● We have charging stations for electric cars.
● We establish several sort-waste processes to recycle and upgrade as much waste as possible. We put effort into reducing waste production as much as possible.
● Our Bistrot offers local and seasonal products and adapts menus to specific diets (vegetarian, flexitarian, gluten-free, allergies).
● For environmental-friendly behaviors we save significant amounts of water and energy. Guests have the option of not changing their sheets and towels on a daily basis.
● Our cleaning products are respectful of the environment and the health of our employees.


Amada Association

The Amada project was born from an initiative of French and Malagasy people. Together with them, we have the desire to contribute to improving the living conditions of a village community in Madagascar. A story made possible thanks to many supporters.
All topics of general development are targeted: health, education, professional training, environmental protection, and development of economic activities… The most important projects in which the association has invested are the construction of a primary school and dispensary, making water more accessible, and a reforestation project.

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